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Studies Currently Recruiting Participants

The faculty at the TSET Health Promotion Research Center (HPRC) currently have over 90 active studies. You may search by any of the descriptors below. To refine your search, you may search by multiple descriptors.

Automated Mobile Contingency Management for Smoking Cessation among Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Adults (P3)

PI: Darla Kendzor | Co-I: Michael Businelle, Adam Alexander, Summer Frank-Pearce | Total Award: $3,072,461

Empowering LGBTQ2S+ Tobacco Cessation for Oklahomans

PI: Julia McQuoid | Co-I: Darla Kendzor | Total Award: $50,000

mHealth for Cancer Survivorship (Persist)

PI: Michael Businelle | Co-I: Summer Frank-Pearce | Total Award: $40,000

Mobile Health to Monitor Risk for COVID-19 and Improve Mental Health during the Pandemic (EASE)

MPI: Michael Businelle | Co-I: Darla Kendzor | Total Award: $2,679,216

Monetary Incentives to Promote Engagement with the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline Among Pregnant Women with Medicaid (POM)

MPI: Darla Kendzor, Jon Hart | Co-I: Amy Cohn, Summer Frank-Pearce | Total Award: $75,000

Smartphone-based smoking cessation and mental health intervention (Smart-T Mental Health)

PI: Adam Alexander | MPI: Michael Businelle | Total Award: $50,000

Smoking-related cancer prevention for Vietnamese smokers with limited English in the United States (CaPVie)

PI: Thanh Bui | Co-I: Darla Kendzor, Summer Frank-Pearce | Total Award: $50,000